1,256,077 Israelis were diagnosed from January 1st - 47.5% since the outbreak two years ago


by Ifi Reporter Category:Health Jan 28, 2022

1,256,077 Israelis were diagnosed from the beginning of the month until yesterday afternoon (Thursday) as positive for Corona. This is according to data from the Ministry of Health. This is the highest monthly number of verified people since the outbreak of the plague and in fact 47.5% of all verified people - since the first Israeli received a positive answer in the corona test - were diagnosed this month.
Data from the Ministry of Health show that from Sunday to Thursday at noon, 405,667 Israelis were diagnosed as positive for Corona. For comparison, in January and February 2021 - the peak of the third age - 351,783 positive for the virus were diagnosed in Israel. Last week, 493,489 positives were diagnosed for Corona and this week the number is likely to be higher.
According to a New York Times survey, Israel dropped to second place in the world in the number of verified per capita last week, after Andorra rose to first place. The reason is a sharp increase in the number of verified people in the principalities where about 77,000 residents live, and not a decrease in our morbidity. Next on the list are Denmark, Palau, France, Slovenia and Portugal.
The latest update from the Ministry of Health shows that 952 corona patients and patients with corona in critical condition are hospitalized in Israel, compared with 101 at the beginning of the month. 212 patients are connected to respirators and this is a further increase in this number.
An alarming record was broken on Tuesday when 195 new patients were added in one day. The previous record was recorded on January 25, 2021 - exactly one year before the new record - and then there were 185 new serious patients a day. 185 new serious patients were hospitalized on Tuesday and 146 yesterday until noon.
The Ministry of Health has updated that since the outbreak of the plague, 8,556 corona patients have died in Israel, 305 of them this month. The ministry yesterday announced deaths from previous days and according to the data presented by the ministry - yesterday 12 people died until the afternoon. The Ministry of Health's data sheet says that in the last few days 22 to 26 people have died every day, but senior officials in the ministry have admitted that the numbers are higher than what the ministry publishes on the data sheet presented to the public - and that they stand at 35 to 40 a day.
The number of active patients stands at 480,501, most of whom are in a very mild and very mild condition and are in isolation in their homes. 39,901 of the active patients live in Jerusalem, 22,802 in Tel Aviv-Yafo, 15,235 in Petah Tikva, 13,895 in Rishon Lezion, 13,562 in Beer Sheva, 13,369 in Haifa, 11,716 in Netanya, 10,814 in Ashdod, 10,227 in Holon, 8,992 in Ashkelon, 8,206 in Ramat Gan, 7,386 in Rehovot, 6,386 In Bat Yam and 6,097 in Bnei Brak - where there was a sharp decrease of 59% in the number of active patients in the last week.
Next on the list is Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut where there are 5,672 active patients, in Kfar Saba 5,369 patients from the city, in Hadera 5,230, in Lod 5,195, in Ramla 4,806, in Herzliya 4,669, in Rosh HaAyin 4,338, in Umm al-Fahm 4,020, in Raanana 3,999, in Beit Shemesh 3,860, In Afula 3,826, in Acre 3,501, in Sakhnin 3,436, in Nahariya 3,360, in Yavne 3,298, in Tiberias 3,283, in Tamra 3,273, in Kiryat Gat 3,261, in Rahat 3,252, in Hod Hasharon also 3,252, in Taibe 3,225, in Kiryat Ata 3,156, in Eilat 3,003 and in Natat 3,143.
Despite the spike in morbidity, it can be said that Israelis are much less likely to be vaccinated, with the possibility that the green label will be eliminated in the background - although the director general of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Nachman Ash, said yesterday that his future is still being examined. We vaccinated 5,604 Israelis in the first dose of the vaccine, compared to 10,235 on January 2, the first weekday of 2022. In other words, in seven days we vaccinated about half of those vaccinated in one day just a few weeks ago.
Among the recipients of the third vaccine, the decline continues, and on Tuesday, 1,542 Israelis received the booster dose. From Thursday last week until Tuesday, 15,586 Israelis received the third dose of the vaccine, compared to 12,941 on January 2. The number of vaccinated people in the fourth dose is also declining, and on Tuesday 4,195 Israelis received this dose of the vaccine. For comparison, on Wednesday last week, 8,329 Israelis were vaccinated with this dose, and on Wednesday two weeks ago, 44,575 Israelis received the fourth vaccine.
Meanwhile, and in light of the perceived congestion in hospitals, the government has announced funding for an immediate addition of manpower standards for the treatment of 45 intensive care beds in hospitals across the country. The move was agreed between Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz and Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman. "The health care system works around the clock, day and night, to maintain public health," Bennett said. "We are aware of the load on the system and are working to help and strengthen it. We have provided drugs to prevent serious illness, we have expanded the inpatient capacity to the geriatric system and home hospitalization and now we are adding more reinforcement in the intensive care units. ".



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