Elta will present in Paris the next generation of multi-mission radar used by Iron Dome

by Ifi Reporter Category:Hitech Jun 13, 2019

Elta Systems, the subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), has launched the next generation of multi-mission ELM-2084 radar, MS-MMR, based on the MMR radar used by Iron Dome, And IAI's "Barak" air defense system.The new radar provides air defense to countries around the world.
The new multi-sensor version incorporates additional sensors in the MMR system, creating an aerial image system (ASP), and improved support for air defense systems based on active and passive sensors. The system will be launched at the Paris Air Show this month.
The development of air threats and the change of modern battlefields have created new and complex challenges for airborne detection and defense systems. The expansion of the use of low-signature tools coupled with a significant increase in the use of unmanned and hovering vehicles, roving weapons, cruise missiles and improved ballistic capabilities required improved identification and detection, improved aerial image accuracy and increased survivability of sensors, aerial image systems and aerial defense.
The MMR radar operates in the S frequency range and provides long-range detection and air defense capabilities and support for the weapon systems, incorporating additional active sensors such as higher frequency radar, IFF researchers and ADSB receivers, along with passive sensors such as systems Signal Detection (SIGINT), Electromechanical Sensors (visible and infrared), LDS detection system allows the MS MMR better detection and detection capabilities and the ability to distinguish between very close targets in dense spaces and a target-laden environment.
MS-MMR significantly improves aerial image reliability (ASP) and situational awareness and is capable of effectively handling new types of small targets (low radar signature, RCS), low, slow and hovering, as well as various types of rockets and missiles. At the system level, the MS-MMR provides a single, high-quality output of all data, thereby simplifying integration with aerial image systems, air defense and command and control systems (C2).
Yoav Turgeman, IAI's President and CEO, said: "MMR is one of our most successful products with more than 100 systems sold worldwide, and the MMR has grown over the years and changed the modern battlefield. MM-MMR marks the beginning of a new era in the development of radar systems combined with active and passive sensors that increase accuracy and operational efficiency against sophisticated future targets. "



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