HOT is upgrading the network and launching surfing speed of 500 megabytes

by Ifi Reporter Category:Communication May 13, 2019

HOT is upgrading the network and launching a surfing speed of 500 megabytes, "Globes" learned. For the first time in Israel, HOT will launch a full deployment rate, and competition in the Internet and communications infrastructures market is expected to worsen significantly.
The company will launch a router that will support the new pace, with the price expected to compete with Partner and Cellcom's prices, which sell packages at a rate of 1 gigabyte at prices of NIS 100 a month.
HOT's decision to launch the new pace was made more than a year ago, but the company delayed and waited for the right timing to launch the move. HOT launches a half-gigabit rate for business customers, and therefore in terms of engineering capabilities, this is not too complicated for her. What's more, the decision to upgrade to half a gigabyte is the maximum it can do in the current configuration of the network, and apparently when you want to upgrade to 1GHz, it will need a new fiber network, which is a much more complex and expensive project.
Hot's decision to implement the process is directly related to the level of development in competition in the television and internet market. HOT is in a delicate position, as Cellcom and Partner, which compete in front of it, offer 1Gbps increments in its ever-increasing deployment, and are taking a bite out of its market share. The effective competitive tool that is eager to offer is to upgrade the offer to half a gigabyte, if only to try to reduce the churn. We also mention that HOT is the only one that has a surfing rate of 200 megabytes, but apparently this did not create a significant difference, so it expects a half-gigabyte rate to make a difference.
The move will have a big impact on what is happening in terms of the entire market and especially the relationship with Bezeq and the Ministry of Communications, and it will be interesting to see how the ministry will react to HOT's impact on the wholesale market. It will also be interesting to see how Partner and Cellcom will respond to Hot's move.
Customers who join the 500 mega speed will also benefit from a new router, HOTBOX4, an advanced modem-router with an AC standard that supports high surfing speeds and enables customers to enjoy Israel's powerful Internet network also through wireless surfing. The new router supports the WIFI network at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, enabling optimal support for multiple devices connected to the Internet and up to 500 megapixels on a wireless network connection.
The new surfing package will reach a maximum download speed of 500 MB, enabling simultaneous surfing in a wide range of devices, gaming and streaming experience, up to 10 megabits per second in upload, enabling the transmission of heavy content from the device and a continuous gaming experience.
HOT CEO Tal Granot-Goldstein said, "This is the first time a communications group has offered a high speed of half a gigabit nationwide. HOT invests great effort in bringing quality solutions and already provides the highest average surfing speed in Israel. HOT will continue to be one step ahead of competitors in terms of surfing speed and network stability. "

The number of complaints about television companies declined in 2018. This emerges from the publication of the complaints report of the Council for Cable and Satellite Broadcasting. There was a 20% decrease in the number of complaints by the HOT cable company to every 10,000 customers, leading to a decrease in the number of complaints. By contrast, the number of complaints about yes increased by 15%. Nevertheless, HOT is still the leading company in the number of complaints with 14.8 complaints per 10,000 customers, compared with 8 complaints per 10,000 customers at Yes.
In addition, complaints were received regarding Cellcom TV, Partner TV and Sting of Yes, even though the Council does not supervise them.
Most of the requests were for financial matters, service and technical problems. HOT leads in complaints about money (and then technical issues and service) while yes leads complaints about service (and then technical problems and finances). The two companies returned NIS 300,000 to the clients with the assistance of the council.
The main complaints about Partner TV and Cellcom TV were on finance and then on technical issues.
The Council stresses that complaints have also been received on content issues such as the leakage of important sports games to paid channels, but the issue of funds remains the main issue in complaints received by the Council. Topic was:

* 42% of complaints against HOT

* 24% of complaints against yes

43% of complaints against Cellcom

* 40% of complaints against Partner

The main complaints are charges contrary to the agreement, continued billing after a request for termination, demand for a refund, an increase in subscription fees during the operation, a charge for returned converters and a double charge for HOT and yes.
One of the complaints came from a client who turned to bring her father into the Holocaust survivors' campaign. A HOT representative explained to her that her father would pay NIS 180 per month plus NIS 30 per month for VOD, even though during a lecture on survivors' rights, the client was exposed to HOT offering a package of NIS 55. HOT offered to compensate her for NIS 768, but thanks to the intervention of the council, NIS 4,114 was compensated.
Another complaint that came to the Council: a married couple who was charged separately for years on television services even though he lived in the same house. The couple received a refund of NIS 12,000.
"We are proud to be selected in 2018 for outstanding customer service in the multi-channel television market and to continue to provide quality and advanced service to the full satisfaction of our customers year after year." Hot declined to comment on the report.
Merav Shtrozberg Elkabetz, Consumer Protection Manager at the Council for Cable and Satellite Broadcasting, urges the public to contact the council: "Only if citizens turn to us will we be able to know what is bothering you and helping.



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